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Having a good photo or photos to work from makes all the difference in capturing  your pets coloring, markings and personality.  Here are a few tips that might help. 

LIGHTING - outside natural lighting is ideal.  Bright sunlight can cast intense shadows which may or may not be desireable so take numerous shots in different angles and times of day.  Always keep the sun to your back.  Inside light coming through he window can work very well too if you want your pictures from inside the house. taking numerous photos with different lighting is the key.   (take close ups of eyes and coat for reference photos)

ANGLE AND COMPOSITION - Getting on the same level as your Pet is usually the best way to get a good shot.   Experiment with different angles and positions (sitting, lying down, sleeping etc.) Positioning next to a tree, fence or on a couch or chair could work.  Take close ups of the eyes, coat for me to get the detail.  That really helps. 

Most of all don't be in a hurry with your pet.  Have fun with the process and possibly take a number of shots over a few days to get some different ideas.  I can crop the photo to make the portrait look more balanced after I see the pictures. 

“My goal as a portrait artist is to capture on canvas the unique 
element that makes your pet special.” − Rhonda Asher

Rhonda Asher, Artist

Step 1:  Wait time varies between 1-5 months depending on the current workload.  Price depends on the complexity and style of the painting.

Step 2: DESIGN - I work directly from your photographs so the photo's you send me are very important.  See below for "TIPS" on taking a good picture for a portrait.  

Step 3: PROOFS AND PROGRESS - Before I begin I will confirm in writing which photo or photos I am working from.  You can view the progress of your painting on my website under the "Sneak Peak" tab anytime. 

Step 4: FINAL - At the completion of the portrait I will email a digital photo of your portrait for you to view.   Final payment payment will be required before I ship your painting to you. 

Sept 5:  SHIPPING - I usually ship ground USPS which runs anywhere between $16 and $25 depending on the weight and destination.   

My art is a Hobby. If you are interested in a painting please give me a call and we can discuss your desired painting.  Thank You. 

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