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Rhonda Asher Fine Art Gallery
Thanks Nancy for allowing me to paint these.  I think it was meant to be because they just flowed out of me with ease.  12x12
This painting is of my friend, Nancy's horse in Washington.  Khema the one on the left passed away this year 2013 so I'm so happy I was able to do this for her.  11x14
Trader is a beautiful Doberman from a breeder in Tennessee called Sierra dobi farms.  Check them out.  He has beautiful dogs.  Thanks Steve for allowing me to paint Trader!  12x16
My sister's dog Brody.  Love him 12x12
Toby & Chip 10x10   2013  Woodinville, Washington
Mr. Tudor 5x7  Stockton, California  2013
Tate   2012 11x14  Woodinville, WA
Carlos Scratchin 12x12    2012
Auburn, WA
Snickers Sittin 12x12     2012
San Jose, California
Hershey   2012     12x12  Woodinville, Washington
Liberty & Baby Todor  11x14   2012
Stockton, California
Coco   2012    11x14   Martinez, California
Stacey and pup  2012    11x14
Bellevue, Washington
Rin  2013   12x12    Stockton, California
Neville   2013  11x14   Port Orchard, Washington
Neville with Badge   12x12
2013  Port Orchard, Washington
Carlos sittin Pretty  12x12  2012
Auburn, Washington
Carlos on the Fence 9x12   2012
Auburn, Washington
Ali   2012   Southern CA
Archi    2011   Woodinville, Washington
Precious   So. California 2012
Huckleberry 9x12    2011  Vancouver, Washignton
Snicker's in geraniums 11x14    2012  San Jose, CA
Libery & Toby  24x24  Knights Ferry, CA 2011
Spanky  11x14  Port Orchard, WA 2011
Sera  "Dashing throught the Snow" 11x14  January snow storm 2012   Brier, Washington
Snickers  2012 San Jose, CA   11x14
Tate & Roxie  11x14 2012  Woodinville, WA
Tavish  2012  8x8  Orcas Island, WA
Roxie & Archi  11x14  2011  Woodinville, WA